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Wix SEO Services and Website Redesign

Get New Clients & Customers to your Wix Website with SEO 

Transform your Wix Website to Achieve:

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Combining User Experience with SEO
to Help your Business

When you built your website in Wix, you probably hoped that an influx or clients or customers would instantly be able to find your website on Google. I mean, a beautiful website is all it takes, right? "If you build it, they will come" and all that malarkey?

 Unfortunately though, the reality can be quite different.

You see, building a website without including SEO is a bit like buying a Ferrari without an engine - it may look pretty, but it won't get you anywhere!

It's for this reason that Ladybird SEO combine both user experience and SEO to make your website easy to navigate, simple to understand and easier to buy from. Nobody buys from a confusing website. Especially when it's unclear what you are selling or how to buy it! and yet, the reality is - that's one of the most common problems with websites! So, don't let a confusing website be the reason people are missing out on your amazing services & products, contact me, or grab a free website audit!

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“I'm definitely getting more calls asking about my services since you started SEO on my website. Customers are finding it easier to navigate my website and as a result I'm getting more business.”

Katie, Dog Trainer

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Wix Website Redesign to Boost Traffic & Leads

When implementing SEO into Wix websites, I often find that the user experience of the website as a whole needs some work. You see, although adding SEO to your site will boost traffic, that traffic will only convert into leads and sales if your website is easy to navigate.

Just imagine if someone was desperate to book your services, but there was no obvious way to do it? As a result,  they go straight to your competitor.

That's where Wix website redesign comes in.

To convert traffic into leads, I offer Wix website redesign with my SEO services - that is, of course, if you website needs it!

Your branding, tone of voice, core values and expertise are all critical in converting traffic. That's why I work WITH you to create the very best website experience for your potential customers and clients and ensure we turn those leads into sales!

Want to talk it though? Let's have a chat about it, click the button below to book a call.

Wix SEO Services from Ladybird SEO

Whether you are just looking for the addition of SEO to drive traffic to your website, or whether you need a full website redesign, or partial redesign, Ladybird SEO can cater to your needs. Each SEO package is customised specifically for your business, which is why the Wix seo services listed below are listed as "prices from".

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SEO for Wix Website (Page by Page)

Spread the cost of SEO! Let Ladybird work on your SEO on a page by page basis - you are never contracted to a monthly payment and can stop and pick up again as and when you want to.

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SEO and Redesign for Wix Website (Page by Page)

Get the best of both! Wix website SEO combined with website redesign with prices set by page.

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       Monthly SEO Packages     

  SEO only or SEO with Website Redesign 

From as little as £295 per Month

SEO for Wix FAQ

  • How do I get in touch to find out more about your Wix SEO services?
    Please book a call here and we can discuss what your vision is for your website and how best Ladybird SEO can assist you with that.
  • How does SEO help my website?
    SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) helps your website become more visible in search engines like Google or Bing. You see, search engines crawl your website looking for useful information that matches searches by its users. Customers or clients looking for the types or services or products you provide need to be given directions to your website. This is how SEO works, it's effectively taking what a user types into a search engine and giving them directions to the place that it feels would best serve them. Often, factors such as location and search query type will determine the type of results is shows. Ladybird SEO fully researches search terms relating to your business, and creates a strategy to compete against your biggest competitors. By implementing the strategy, you will start taking some of the search traffic away from your competitors and gaining more clients and customers. The more useful, well written and clear your content is, the more likely you are to rank higher - especially if you continue producing high quality content in the shape of blogs, videos or articles.
  • Can you design my Wix website from scratch?
    Yes, I'm happy to design your Wix website from scratch. Let's discuss your vision on a call and then you can decide whether you want to proceed.
  • Is Wix a good website provider for SEO?
    Several years ago, Wix websites had a reputation for not being SEO friendly. However, in the past few years, Wix have invested a LOT in their SEO tools & features and now it is just as easy to rank a Wix website on search engines as it is for the likes of Wordpress.
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