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Ladybird SEO

SEO Freelancer UK
& Wix SEO Specialist

Hello and Howdy, I'm Jo. Your friendly neighbourhood SEO specialist based in Surrey. Well actually, on the border of Surrey and Greater London to be exact!

I may be a new kid on the SEO block (2 years strong!), but my content creation and digital marketing cape has been flapping in the wind for 20 years! Wanna know my origin story? Buckle up, it's a wild ride (it's not). But otherwise, just know this: I'm your business-growing sidekick, here to fuel your rocket ship with SEO magic. Why? Because I love seeing dreams take flight, and SEO is the jetpack that gets you there!

How Ladybird Took Flight

Before smartphones were a twinkle in Apple's eye, I was crafting content for websites you accessed with... a flip phone?! Yep, I'm a digital dinosaur (but with killer web skills!).

Since then, I've charmed customers by crafting ecommerce product descriptions, dabbled in basic graphic design, and even produced website and social media content for a famous actress.

Turning 40 is like a cosmic alarm clock, right? My wake-up call was louder than a rooster on Red Bull. That's when Ladybird Media hatched! I traded Instagramming for small businesses for, well, teaching them to Instagram for their own business. It was fun, like watching baby chicks peck their way to online fame. But after a while, the endless scrolling and tiresome Social Media trends we were supposed to follow turned me against it.

Enter SEO - the search engine superpower! No more chasing likes, just watching those sweet business growth stats soar like Ladybird wings in a tailwind. Sure, it's not a microwave-fast marketing trick, but trust me, it's like planting a magic money tree. Steady, reliable, and oh-so-satisfying.

So, if you're a business owner tired of the social media hamster wheel, let's chat! Now re-named as Ladybird SEO, I'm ready to show you the power of organic growth, sprinkle some SEO fairy dust on your website, and help you watch your business truly take flight!

Jo from Ladybird SEO on Laptop. You can just see her arms and she is wearing a pink jacket with matching pink nail polish.

Why I Specialise in Wix Websites
(but can also help with Wordpress)

Back in the day,  Wix and SEO were like oil and water. Yep, Wix used to be frowned upon by the SEO family. Anyone with any shred of SEO knowledge would insist that a website needed to be built in Wordpress. 

But guess what? Wix has done a total glow-up! They've pumped up their SEO game, and now I'm helping clients hit the #1 spot on Google with Wix websites. I have become a Wix SEO specialst, No joke! (Think happy dance with fireworks and confetti.)

Sure, I love Wordpress (shoutout to my awesome clients!), but Wix wins my heart for making things easy. Hosting, apps, techy stuff – it's all built-in, so you can focus on creating a website that wows your customers and increases your sales!

Contact Jo at Ladybird SEO

Fancy a chat about growing your business? Me too! Book a call on the button below, or email me directly.

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