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SEO Monthly Packages

Continuously Build Visibility to your Business & Amplify your Brand

Monthly SEO Packages to Boost your Business with:

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Attract the Clients & Customers you WANT and Generate Sales with SEO

Being consistent with SEO is the key to growth. The more content you create that demonstrates your expertise and experience, the more likely you are of becoming THE go-to business within your niche.

As someone who came from a Social Media background, I have seen first hand how it compares to SEO in finding new customers and clients online. No doubt you've probably guessed from the services I offer, that in my experience, SEO has a far greater impact when it comes to getting more eyes on your business. Not only that, it almost always attracts the kind of leads that you want because of the key search terms your content is focused around.

Why Choose Ladybird SEO to Help Grow your Business & Brand?

For me, it's personal. It's just me (Jo) here at Ladybird SEO, which means it's equally as important to me as it is to you that your business thrives. Your business get's my full attention, unlike in big agencies where you will be passed around to many people and your business is treated more like a number than your passion and livelihood.

I always make sure I don't take on more clients than I can handle because I always want to produce the very best quality of work for all of my clients.

Below are a few of my key promises if you decide you'd like to partner with me to grow your business.

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How will Monthly SEO Packages Help your Business?

The great thing about monthly SEO packages is that you can choose which package best fits you and your business. As a small business owner myself, I know that you have to stay within your budget - which is why I offer a Gold, Silver or Bronze package, each offering various levels of SEO work.

A circular image of Jo from Ladybird SEO holding up her laptop which shows arrows poitning upwards and a trnd line which shows increasing growth.


  • The optimisation of 8 website pages per month (including page restructuring where needed)

  • 2 x monthly blogs

  • 2 x social media graphics

  • Local link building

  • Weekly Google profile updates.

  • Monthly keyword tracking.

  • Monthly report.

Ideal for: small ecommerce businesses & service based businesses that provide a lot of different services.


  • The optimisation of 5 website pages (including page where needed)  pages per month.

  • 1 x monthly blog

  • Local link building.

  • Bi-Weekly Google profile updates.

  • Monthly keyword tracking.

  • Monthly report.

Ideal for: small businesses looking to generate more leads and sales & build their brand at a faster rate.


  • The optimisation of 3 website pages (including page where needed)  pages per month.

  • 1 x monthly blog

  • Local link building.

  • Monthly Google profile updates.

  • Monthly keyword tracking.

  • Monthly report.

Ideal for: small businesses on a tighter budget with a desire to grow their business & attract more leads.

Customised Monthly SEO Packages

Don't see a package that suits you? No worries! I also offer custom, bespoke packages that perfectly align with your budget and business goals.

Please book a call using the button below, or contact me and let's have a chat about it!

Monthly Search Engine Optimisation FAQ's

  • How do I get in touch to find out more about your Wix SEO services?
    Please book a call here and we can discuss what your vision is for your website and how best Ladybird SEO can assist you with that.
  • How does SEO help my website?
    SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) helps your website become more visible in search engines like Google or Bing. You see, search engines crawl your website looking for useful information that matches searches by its users. Customers or clients looking for the types or services or products you provide need to be given directions to your website. This is how SEO works, it's effectively taking what a user types into a search engine and giving them directions to the place that it feels would best serve them. Often, factors such as location and search query type will determine the type of results is shows. Ladybird SEO fully researches search terms relating to your business, and creates a strategy to compete against your biggest competitors. By implementing the strategy, you will start taking some of the search traffic away from your competitors and gaining more clients and customers. The more useful, well written and clear your content is, the more likely you are to rank higher - especially if you continue producing high quality content in the shape of blogs, videos or articles.
  • Can you design my Wix website from scratch?
    Yes, I'm happy to design your Wix website from scratch. Let's discuss your vision on a call and then you can decide whether you want to proceed.
  • Is Wix a good website provider for SEO?
    Several years ago, Wix websites had a reputation for not being SEO friendly. However, in the past few years, Wix have invested a LOT in their SEO tools & features and now it is just as easy to rank a Wix website on search engines as it is for the likes of Wordpress.
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